Monday, 18 January 2016

Benefits Of Having A Labuan Bank Account

A Labuan Bank Account offers a huge range of benefits to the account holder. One of the major benefits that attract many foreign investors is the exemption from those heavy taxes. Another reason is privacy and confidentiality. The information and details of any account as well as its holder are not revealed. These are some of the reasons why multinational businesses, foreign investors and rich people opt for a Labuan offshore bank account. 

With a Labuan Bank Account, you can access your account anytime regardless of your geographic location. In addition, you can avail numerous benefits including Low or No tax, Safe and secure banking enabling anonymity, peaceful legal and political conditions, flexibility in terms of access to funds internationally, and better asset protection. 

Simply Offshore assists foreign investors and business in efficiently opening a Labuan Bank Account in lesser time and avail its numerous benefits for your business or for your personal asset.

Monday, 11 January 2016

Why To Set Up A Labuan Offshore Company

Offshore company formation is a popular way that is being owned widely to safeguard your assets or to grow your business exponentially. Labuan is one of the most widely owned offshore jurisdictions of the Asia. There are many legitimate reasons to set up a Labuan offshore company for the foreign investors. However, one of the main reasons is to take advantage of the tax laws that exempt investors from heavy taxes.

Setting up a Labuan Offshore Company is a great way to avail numerous opportunities ranging from low taxation to numerous growth opportunities, from strict privacy to a better business environment. Some of the major benefits of incorporating an offshore company in Labuan are financial confidentiality, opportunity to trade globally, asset protection, increased financial flexibility, estate ownership in Labuan, and privacy. 

Simply Offshore is widely owned and recommended for helping foreign investors to efficiently and quickly set up a Labuan Offshore Company while being compliance to its legal structure.

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