Thursday, 28 December 2017

Know Whether Ajman Free Zone Formation is Right For You or Not

Free zones in UAE undoubtedly have given a unique environment for entrepreneurs who are always on the verge of experimenting something new for their businesses and looking for an international location to start off with the business proceedings. It's true that free zones have special benefits and provide complete protection of assets, 100% company ownership, 100% tax exemption. But that doesn't mean that all free zones are appropriate for you or for your business. You need to figure out that which free zone is most suitable to the business needs and which one will enhance business progress. One such free zone is Ajman free zone and here in this blog, we will look at whether an Ajman free zone formation is right for you or not. 


The Ajman free zone formation will bring you lucrative benefits as the Ajman free zone is open to all sizes of businesses no matter how big or small your enterprise is. If you have a medium or small size company then associating with the Ajman free zone is the best way to gain advantages even if you have a small budget. So going for Ajman free zone formation is a smart decision in leveraging the business and at the same time not investing huge investments initially.

Business Diversity

Another reason picking for an Ajman free zone is the business diversity that it provides to all entrepreneurs for initiating their business ideas. The Ajman free zone is open to all types of trading license and gives both professional and industrial licenses and helping the entrepreneurs to kick start their ventures without wasting much time and money. Another favourable feature with the Ajman free zone is giving the facility for a separate e-commerce license, which many other free zones of UAE don't even offer.

Thursday, 7 December 2017

Two Important Formalities of Dubai Free Zone Company

Today, every business owner is taking a huge interest in going for a UAE free zone company as it not only brightens up the chances of business expansion but also provides a healthy and cost-effective environment in letting the business to reach to new heights. The UAE has seven emirates and you have the liberty of forming a UAE free zone company in these seven emirates as all seven emirates provide active free zone facilities which you can easily avail even if you have low capital investments. Regardless of focussing on any specific business type, a UAE free zone company makes it possible for you to even explore new business ideas. Here in this blog, we will be focusing two very important aspects of a Dubai free zone company which will be beneficial if you are looking forward to setting up a company in Dubai free zone.

Free Zone License Type

The very first thing before you commence the activities of a Dubai free zone company is to figure out the license type that will be considered liable for your business activities. If you don't know, then it's time now to know that free zone provides several business licenses which are:-

Trading License
Industrial License
Service License
E-Commerce License
National Industrial License
Innovation License

Business Activities

Though free zones allow almost all business activities, still every free zone has some restriction to some activities and specializes in certain activities so if you are ready to establish a Dubai free zone company then it is essential for you to go through Dubai free zone services and activities that it can cater. Also, confirm the number of business activities allowed which you want to perform and figure how many business activities are allowed by the Dubai free zone.

Monday, 4 December 2017

How to Initiate a Labuan Money Broking Business?

 Malaysia Business Licences

All those who are really looking forward to play their part in the money broking business can definitely look forward to Labuan money broking business which not only attracting a lot of potential clients but also assuring a safe and secure low tax business in an international location. Anyone who really wants to have an established Labuan money broking business should definitely take Labuan as a good option as it offers lots of opportunities for the first time brokers because of its higher level of credibility in comparison to other islands. The money broking business has to follow certain regulations and here in this blog, we have highlighted the framework that any Labuan money broking business has to follow in Labuan.

Regulation of Labuan Money Broking Business in Labuan

The license given to Labuan money broking companies is called as money broking license in Labuan that lets the company function as a mediator body between buyers and sellers in the foreign exchange market. The companies have to fetch its license from the financial services authority of the Labuan IBFC which has the sole responsibility of regulating the businesses in the Labuan. One point that should be focused is that only the broking business comes under regulation apart from this buying and selling does not require a license.

Functional Conditions for a Labuan Money Broking Business

The most important condition which any Labuan money broking business has to fulfill is to have its physical presence in the IBFC. All types of currency related functions of the company should take place through the company's office and should not be operated outside the office located in another location. Also, as a Labuan money broking business owner, you cannot do business with the Malaysian residents or executing the business trading in Ringgit whereas you can handle the business expenses such as rent and other expenditure in the local currency.

Sunday, 3 December 2017

Learn Briefly About Hong Kong Company Formation

Hong Kong is a major financial center, which provides impeccable opportunities for business growth and progress and therefore many investors today wish to have a venture opened in Hong Kong so that they can explore business well and enhance business expansion. But before you start the proceedings of actually going for an establishment of a Hong Kong company formation, it is highly recommended to get yourself acquainted with the brief details about what all necessary information you should collect before you commence the procedure of Hong Kong company formation. Read the blog below and know about the most basic information which can benefit you if you follow it properly.

Company Name

The first thing as an investor you should consider before you start the Hong Kong company formation is to select the name and type of company. These two things seem small but are of great thought process as these things determine your popularity and how you are going to mark your presence in the market. Usually, the limited liability company is a popular choice among investors when establishing a company in Hong Kong.

Directors and Shareholders

Next is furnishing the details about the directors chosen by the company and who will act as company directors in Hong Kong. The directors could be same as the shareholders or they could be different appointed individuals. The most basic job of the director is to let the execution of the company in Hong Kong to be done straightforwardly without any flaws.

Collecting the Company's Documents

Once you are done with the above points, it is time to collect all the relevant documents which are needed for Hong Kong company formation so that you can start with the company's registry process and obtain the permit for functioning. Make sure that you have the original copies of the documents pertaining to the establishment of the company and the documents related to your identity and residence.

Avail Advantages that Comes through Dubai Offshore Company

Undoubtedly, Dubai is a land of opportunities, growth and availing new avenues that surely any investor would not want to miss for his business. Anybody who is interested in leveraging the expansion of business in any field will try to capture the resources which Dubai offers to any investment. With such advantages, the idea of setting a Dubai offshore company is something that will not only help your business to mark its presence, but also let your business to achieve impetus in reaching to new heights which might otherwise be difficult if you set a company in any location. Now moving further, let’s just focus on two very important advantages of a Dubai offshore company which can help you in taking the decision on why you should definitely think about the Dubai offshore company.

Lower investment

Now, there is no requirement to set a company with that much capital as you would invest in setting an onshore company. You have the liberty of initiating the business processes with small capital and can gain profits without undergoing many complications and can easily extend the business activities successfully. If you really want to strengthen the businesses, then gaining insights about the functionality of the Dubai offshore company will further help your business.

Asset Protection

The Dubai offshore company is a wonderful platform for giving a stronger and reliable support to the business structures to impart fully secure ways of protecting the assets. The offshore company in Dubai is a flexible vehicle not only for protecting the assets but also helping you to utilize the assets in letting you gain profits and earn huge returns. So, therefore most investors finding it highly beneficial and convenient in order to gain a strong hold in the Dubai business market.

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