Tuesday, 23 January 2018

An Overview of Malaysia Immigration Visa

Whenever the word visa is heard you usually feel exhausted and feel that the process will surely take too long for it to get processed. It's quite obvious to think in this way as not one or two countries put tedious eligibility formalities to attain visas, but almost all countries do have some or the other conditions in order to fulfill the eligibility. Talking further in this discussion the Malaysia also has some tough and exhausting process depending upon the kind of visa you actually want or desire to attain and also for how long you want to stay in the country. Though there are many visa consulting ompanies that can help you in figuring out the exact requirements for visas and also what type of visa you should opt for your stays in Malaysia. However, here in this blog, we are focussing on Malaysia Immigration visa requirements.

Now, every country has its own rules and regulations for an immigration visa, but here we will be furnishing details more about Malaysia Immigration visa. So, if you want to visit the country as a tourist or coming for some type of business proceedings or purposes, then there is no need to require a visa at least up to a period of three months. But this is not applicable for every country's citizen, it's only for the citizens of the countries of the European Union, the USA and other Commonwealth members. For other countries the visa is required.

Another major addition here is that regardless of what type of visa you are applying for, your passport must show a validity of six months remaining. You can apply for either a Malaysia immigration visa or any other type of visa at a Malaysian embassy or consulate in your native country by paying a required amount of fees that vary from one country to another.

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A Brief Overview about Why Should Go for Labuan Offshore Company?

Anyone who is looking for giving wings to his or her business would surely revolve their minds in thinking of establishing an offshore company that not only gives them good returns on their investments but also makes them feel at ease at the time of incorporating an offshore company. Right? Isn't it? Well! If so, then you should think of the Labuan offshore company as Labuan is the fastest growing offshore centers in Asia and also one of the best suitable destinations to register a business. Here in this blog, we will discuss few very important aspects of why should one choose Labuan for setting a Labuan offshore company.

Taxation System

The taxation system of Labuan offers fine opportunities for the Labuan offshore company as compared to other countries' jurisdictions. The companies are given the choice to choose from different tax payment schemes and go through an audit if the choice of payment scheme demands the audit to be done, whereas if the companies decides to pay the flat tax then the companies are exempt from the audit.


If you are concerned about keeping your information safe and secure and doesn't want it to be spoiled or accessed by any type of unauthorized access then the Labuan offshore company is a good idea as Labuan is excellent for giving the absolute level of privacy to the company's information and ownership details are not available publicly unless the company itself decides it to be so.

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Friday, 5 January 2018

Reasons Why to Form Dubai Offshore Company

It would be waste of time to reconsider about the Dubai as the prime location to establish or to think about the Dubai offshore company as definitely Dubai is one of the most fascinating and lucrative offshore destinations that is fetching many investors to start their business ventures and giving them abundant benefits and opportunities to leverage their existing business plans in a positive direction. Well! Having said this, it now becomes essential to actually know about few more reasons for setting up of a Dubai offshore company so that if you are thinking of going global then why not to opt Dubai as the offshore location.

No Language Obstacles

The language is something which is one of the most important tools to gain impetus for any business proceedings and that is provided by Dubai, where everyone speaks English and there is no restriction in adopting the same language for your business activities. All the corporate documentation, banking and other formalities can be processed in English without any hurdles. So, there is no requirement to go for any type of translation for written or verbal communication.

Fast Incorporation

The Dubai offshore company formation and incorporation is fast and requires not many formalities and the costs are also not so high and the administration and renewals are done without any difficulties as all these are not required to be done by you because this can be done by the company’s agent or the consulting company.

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Categories of Business License Malaysia

The feeling of establishing a business in Malaysia is overwhelming as the country is widely open to all international investors and provides plethora of business opportunities which are truly desirable by any ambitious business venture that is seeking growth, profits and a global presence. Having desired about the business idea, next comes knowing about all the legal formalities of operating a business in Malaysia and one such formality is to clearly know about the business license Malaysia which are required by the legislation and local authorities in order to fully satisfy the authentication of businesses. The business license Malaysia fall into three major categories and any new investor should know about it before commencing a business.

General License

As the name itself explaining, the general licenses is attained by the investor and be applicable once the business investor has decided about the type of business and has decided to start its venture in Malaysia. The general licenses that are required for any type of business includes: company registration, company and employees income tax registration, employees provident fund, human resource development fund, etc.

Industry Specific License

The industry-specific licenses relate to a particular industry or sector specified by the government. This license allows the businesses to follow certain policies that are required by the industries for the development of the business in order to stay in accordance with the development policy of the country.

Activity Licenses

These licenses are applicable to a particular activity of the industries or sectors. This license includes a set of specific guidelines for the protection of the citizen, employment, safety and the general public.

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Thursday, 4 January 2018

How Can a Labuan Offshore Make You Stand Out?

Though you must be aware of all the benefits that Labuan offers to its foreign investors when they need to execute their idea of forming a Labuan offshore. Of course, the Labuan is an interesting location that has wide geographies to govern its affairs and besides that being a part of Malaysia, it has the permission to avail other advantages as well. Well! Those advantages are of course related to tax for foreign investors and immigrants. Apart from several advantages that Labuan offers, why still a Labuan offshore seems a great idea and how it helps you to stand out. Read the blog below and get to know those unique features of establishing a Labuan offshore.


Labuan is a great opportunity destination when it comes to banking solutions because it is totally different from places in the Caribbean where many banks can cause problems in issuing but Labuan is a center of many good and familiar banks such as DBS, Bank of America, JP Morgan and BNP Paribas. It's a monetary center and secures whereas in other places the representatives take a huge amount of money from the corporate in compensation to get them introduced to the banks.

Good for Startups

The raising up of cash is quite easier in Labuan as compared to Singapore especially for startups because of the availability of the capital. The banks are loaded with money in Labuan and gives tremendous opportunities to set up a Labuan offshore.

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