Thursday, 25 October 2018

A quick look on some FAQ on Labuan bank account

Is There any Need to Come to Labuan for Opening of Account?

Though it is not compulsory to come to Labuan to open of a bank account but still it is recommended for foreign investors to come to Labuan and open a Labuan bank account after knowing all the complete information about the bank. It is always beneficial and favourable to deal with the bank account opening procedure by consulting with the specialists who know about the procedure and can guide the investors in putting the accurate documents and other information to the bank.

Is There any Limitation on the Number of Currencies to Use in the Account?

The foreign investors are free to use their preferential currency in accordance with their business requirements. Any investor can set up Labuan bank account in multiple currencies and can proceed with their work. The Labuan jurisdiction gives flexibility to business investors and therefore makes the bank account procedure and other bank related policies quite favourable to the foreign business investors.

How about Doing International Payments with a Labuan Bank Account?

The investors will find a good time by opening a Labuan bank account as they are free to perform any international payments without thinking of any restriction. But like any other banking provisions, the investors have to keep in their mind about the costs associated with the foreign payments as what is decided by the bank in the Labuan and you have to adhere to those costs while making any international payments.

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Monday, 20 August 2018

An Introductory Introduction of the Labuan Foundation

The Labuan foundation is a specific corporate body that is fully governed by a separate legal entity basically established to hold assets to manage them and benefit class of people on a contractual basis. This foundation has a separate legal system that is basically used only for wealth management and charitable purposes. Here in this blog we will highlight more on the structure of the Labuan foundation for your better understanding.

Registered Office Location

This is absolutely compulsory for a Labuan foundation to be registered and have its registered office. The administration and other operations are run and function according to the contractual basis. Similarly the relationships in the foundation are also carried on contractual basis and governed by the governing documents.


The charter is the written grant of the legislative power of the country that prescribes few parameters to which the Labuan foundation has to be managed and governed.


The management comprises of a council, an officer and a secretary where the council is responsible for carrying out the general managerial tasks of the foundation, so that the purpose for which the foundation is established shouldn't be violated. The officer is responsible for the administration work of the foundation run in a smooth manner. The secretary is the representative of the foundation and performs all fillings of documents to the Labuan financial services authority.


The assets put in the Labuan foundation are the property of the foundation and are only prescribed for the benefit of clearly defined purposes.

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Tuesday, 24 July 2018

A Quick Study on Employee Labuan Visa

The Labuan is an interesting place for quite a while now, which has the magnetism of attracting many employees outside the Malaysian region to work over here and earn quite substantially. But in order to fulfill the desired requirements, the employees do have to fetch an appropriate Labuan visa as per their stay, length the service and other similar requirements. Mostly the non-Malaysian residents are not allowed to enter Labuan and conduct a business without a valid Labuan visa and so are instructed to attain an appropriate Labuan visa. Now for getting the correct and updated information about visas, you can always consult the services of Simplyoffshore which is the most reliable consultancy dealing with providing the most updated services for different types of visa for Labuan.

Professional Visit Pass

This visa is applicable to those employees who render their services to a Labuan company on behalf of the overseas company. This visa is directed to those individuals who got selected by the overseas company in their native country, but has to serve the Labuan company on the wish of their overseas company. The professional visit pass is valid for up to 12 months. The visa has to be applied at the Malaysian Immigration Department..

Employment Pass

This visa is restricted to three types of employees who are:-
  1. in either holding a top managerial position in a foreign company based in Labuan
  2. professional or mid-level managerial post
  3. skilled and professional non-executive post
The condition is that the job offer made from a Labuan company should be about 2 years or more and should also fulfill the minimum salary criteria requirement.

Now here are two major types of employee Labuan visa mentioned, but you can also explore other visas, which are applicable for other purposes and gain substantial knowledge about the visa types and its applicability in Labuan.

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Thursday, 19 July 2018

A Thoughtful Thought of Why Should You Go for a Labuan Offshore

Any foreign investor who is heading for a big name in the business world then he or she would definitely want to try their fate in the offshore business arena where the landscape and opportunities are in abundant with dynamic resources. In a scenario like this, the Labuan offshore is a great way to start with your new business directions and endeavours. Operating with Labuan offshore is certainly allowing yourself to conduct business proceedings, bank transactions and other financial matters in a highly defined and tax saving system where you not only can realize your dreams but also can earn substantially through your best efforts. Now here in this blog we have mentioned top reasons that can aid in finalizing the decision of setting up your Labuan offshore is a successful venture.

Efficiency on Tax Issues

The Labuan jurisdiction hasn't placed stringent procedures for foreign investors both in terms of policies and in expanding businesses. As a foreign investor, you will admire in having the flexibility for doing cross border businesses without having to worry about the taxing schemes as the jurisdiction gives great tax efficiency.

Protection from Future Liabilities

The Labuan offshore company is the best place where you can place your assets by imbibing a proper and incorporated legal structure that will surely give you a strong and full protection from future liabilities and let you avail more stable policies which in turn would again benefit your business and establishment of the offshore company.
These two are the major factors which drive you to build a Labuan offshore but for more beneficial reasons, you can always explore the Internet and learn more about offshore companies and the establishment.

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Friday, 6 July 2018

A Brief Guideline on Dubai Offshore Company Establishment

Dubai is one of the best jurisdictions which gives promising features to incorporate a Dubai offshore company as Dubai has emerged as a global hub of digitalization where the foreign investors can safely invest in their business dreams. The Dubai offshore company brings lots of opportunities and give high profits and a flexible way to target global customers. For better understanding here in this blog we have summarized a short go through on how you can establish an offshore company in Dubai.

Fix a Company Name

You should come up with three unique company names out which one name will be finalized by the registration authorities he company name must end with Ltd only.

Finalize the Capital Investment

You can invest as much as you can afford in the Dubai offshore company, there is no restriction on the amount of money can be invested in the offshore company.

Decide on who will be Directors and Shareholders

Well for Dubai offshore company, a minimum of two directors and one shareholder is absolutely required to form the offshore company at the time of commencing the operations of the company. So think well in advance and finalize the directors and shareholder.

Open a Bank Account

A bank account is necessary for doing all the transactions and operations of the Dubai offshore company for which you need to open a bank account in Dubai and need to submit the following documents for bank account processing.
  • Passport Copy
  • The bank statements of last six months
  • Completed Bank forms
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Monday, 2 July 2018

Mind-Blowing Advantages of the Labuan Company Formation

 Undoubtedly, the Labuan is one of the most attractive regions of Malaysia that has become as the promising land of offshore activities in Asia so far. Spanning a long period of time, the Labuan company formation is seen as the major success factor for foreign investors because of the taxation regime and other lucrative benefits provided by Labuan to the foreign businesses and giving the foreign investors a brighter way to go ahead with the business endeavours. With these huge facilities and a successful platform, it's time now to explore more about the Labuan company formation and take a look at how more it can offer a feasible platform to foreign investors.

Any foreign business person establishing companies in Malaysia does require a business associate who should be a local citizen but the commercial legislation available in Malaysia doesn't restrict the foreign company formation and give 100% foreign ownership which is equally followed in Labuan too but Labuan legislation doesn't entitle the Labuan company formation to have a director to be a citizen of Malaysia as the legislation allows the investor to act both as the company's shareholder and a director.

Furthermore, there is no trouble as such come across while going through the company registration process in Malaysia as the registration process gets completed in maximum two weeks which further gives relief to the foreign investor of giving the flexibility to the investor of not being necessarily present in the Labuan during the whole Labuan company formation process and can easily complete the process even through the native location.

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Friday, 29 June 2018

Significant Advantages of Outsourcing to Accounting Book-Keeping Services Malaysia

Are you feeling being lacking behind in the business arena? Are you finding it difficult to retain your client or to fetch more clients? Or is your business growth slowing down? If so, then probably the business responsibilities are huge and you probably making some wrong decisions or not able to balance the projects which are lined up. These discrepancies occur only when you are busy doing things which you can outsource and not concentrating on the real scenario of the business. To address this disbalance, here we have mentioned few advantages of outsourcing Accounting Book-Keeping Services Malaysia that is one of the responsibilities which you can definitely let the other party to handle for execution and can save huge amount of time concentrating on other business parameters.

Can Achieve More Progress

Isn't it good to have more time for enhancing efficiency, growth and operations of your firm rather than indulging in doing accounting and book-keeping for the major duration of time? If you are really interested in making good returns on investment and want to let the business grow then put all your efforts and time in business growth and leave accounting work to Accounting Book-Keeping Services Malaysia that is the best to get the things managed, reviewed and run.

Provides Good Quality Check

Businesses don't want delays and errors to arise at any stage of business expansion or in the growing stage. For such critical management, the outsourcing to Accounting Book-Keeping Services Malaysia is definitely a step ahead in making stringent decisions for the betterment of the business as you can now be more focused on key aspects and also stay assured of having the 100% authentic accounting services.

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Wednesday, 27 June 2018

An Overview on Significant Information for Ajman Free Zone Formation

Almost every entrepreneur looks desirably to go ahead with the Ajman free zone formation when hear extensive and larger than life benefits of the Ajman free zone which the jurisdiction of the Ajman free zone gives to the foreign business investors. Now having known such result-oriented benefits, time now to actually look at the process involved in the set up of the Ajman free zone formation and that is very well described here in this blog for your understanding.

Trade Name and Business Plan

It's important to thoroughly check the availability of the trade name before you start with the business processes because the trade name should not conflict with some other existing company trade name, otherwise, there will arise ambiguity and you might not be allotted the same trade name. Now focusing on business plan, then yes, it is quite an important step basis on which you will start your business proceedings and it is approved in 1 to 2 days and generally required for industrial and e-commerce activities.

Signing of Documents and Company Registration

Once you are done completing the process of the trade name and business plan then next step is to visit the head office for completion of the registration process for signing the legal documents and paying the required amount for the company formation.
The documents which are necessary to furnish at the registration of the company are as follows:-
  • Passport copy of owner or person-in-charge
  • UAE Visa
  • passport size photograph
  • Original NOC from the current sponsor if you have a UAE residence visa
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Tuesday, 5 June 2018

Interesting Facts Related to Hong Kong Company Formation

It would not be undeniable to say that setting up of a company is indeed a daunting task that requires a huge investment of time and equal investment of time before you actually establish it. But all this doesn't mean that you shouldn't go further and have your own foreign business in a foreign land. Keeping all this in mind and thinking to go about Hong Kong company formation is a good idea which has different laws, customs and environment to execute business activities. To make things clearer for you, here are mentioned two facts of Hong Kong company formation that are suitable for any business investor to know before commencing the task of forming a company in Hong Kong.

No Need to Learn Chinese

Whenever the idea of Hong Kong company formation rolls in mind, this definitely triggers that there you have to have the knowledge of Chinese without which it would be difficult to deal with the business activities. Well! It is not so, the Hong Kong is a former British territory and has English as one of its official languages. So majority of business communication takes place in English and need not important for anyone to learn any other language.

Search for Dwelling Away from the City

The places for residential living are quite expensive near to the center of the city and generally the houses found in these areas are very expensive than many Western cities. So, better would be if you pick the house option away from the city center for around 30 to 40 minutes out of the city where rent is not such typically expensive and these areas are connected very well by public transport and therefore make the commute absolutely painless.

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Wednesday, 30 May 2018

A Brief Introduction to Why to Set Up Labuan Companies

Incorporation does give exciting vibes and surely brings positivity to any business and if you are thinking to expand your business in a location that can help you manage the business and your wealth then definitely there is a place where not only the opportunities to get succeed but also to gain benefits to save huge amount of money on taxes is quite possible and feasible. Well! Such location is none other than Labuan located in the northwest coast of Borneo and is one of the prominent federal territories of Malaysia. Besides being one of the most obvious location for investors think of setting up of Labuan companies, another feature that gives this location a thumbs up is because of it being located in the heart of the Asia-Pacific region and offering a comprehensive solution which confirms confidentiality and compliance with the international standards.

Also, the Labuan companies will give you an opportunity to get formed in a very business friendly way because the environment for foreign business set up in Labuan is friendly and cooperative and backed by a modern and robust legal framework that is guided by the Labuan Financial Services Authority. Whether you believe or not the island is the super place for Labuan companies as it has already witnessed a range of business and other business structures. So picking Labuan as your preferred choice for business will also gain you so many other advantages as well and one such is that it witnesses the presence of many global financial brands and thriving economy of Asia which truly make it an interesting location.

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Monday, 28 May 2018

A Glance on the Important Accounting Tasks that Should be Done Weekly

For the success of any business, book-keeping and accounting are two of the most important parameters that enable the business to achieve yearly targets. Do you know that why some of the largest businesses failed? Well! It's because of not meeting with the upkeep of the accounts and book keeping of their businesses and thus are unable to even analyze about their investments and returns on investments. Accounting is not just only for large businesses, in fact, it helps manage the small businesses to maintain their finances and bank account balance with more diligence. If you are unable to hire the accounting book-keeping services Malaysia then here are two of the major things that you can do to maintain the easy flow of the business.

Vendor Payments

Yes! Keeping the records of vendor payments is vital for keeping track of the debts and also helps in setting up a reputation in the market and relations with your vendors. This way you can build a catalogue that can give you deep insights about which vendor gives you time to pay and which vendor require payment on receipt. Doing a vendor payment task daily will be time-consuming so done weekly is better and less time consuming.

Customer Receipts

This is again a crucial task as keeping customer receipts are an essential way to maintain your good will in the market and avoid unnecessary discrepancy that can lead to the bad reputation of the business. So maintain customer receipt in a timely fashion following whichever time frame you like either date wise or time wise etc. but try to do it on a weekly basis because again like vendor payments task it will be time-consuming if done on a daily basis.

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Thursday, 24 May 2018

Consider Ajman Free Zone Formation If you Are an Entrepreneur

If you are one of those entrepreneurs who is looking to step into the world of opportunities in the UAE free zones, then going for an Ajman free zone formation is the best way to get the competitive environment for business and for availing lucrative opportunities. The Ajman free zone formation is the most effective way to avail competitive facilities and to garner a considerable return on investments. Here in this blog we have summarized few unique competitive benefits that will strengthen your decision of setting up Ajman free zone formation.

Low Startup Cost

The biggest benefit of choosing the Ajman free zone as the choice of setting up a company is because this free zone gives ample opportunities and that in an economical way to set up start-ups regardless how big or small the size of the enterprise is and caters all types of business needs with diligence.

Location is Good

Another major benefit provided by the Ajman free zone formation is that it has got the perfect location for a majority of businesses as the Ajman free zone area is good for those businesses which are meant to import and export trade and want a smooth connectivity which is provided by the Ajman free zone as it is finely connected by air, road and water.
These two are the major plus points that can foster the investors to go for Ajman free zone formation, apart from these there are several other benefits which are provided by the free zone and that you can read about them further.

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Sunday, 6 May 2018

A Quick Review of Accounting Book-Keeping Services Malaysia

It is now very well known and understood that accounting is an essential part in any business functioning and it becomes even more important when you have stretched out outside the boundaries of your native country and established your business in another country. The business owners are finding Malaysia a promising land to initiate their business proceedings and to excel in Malaysia you definitely need the accounting book-keeping services Malaysia in order to utilize the business strategies effectively. Now, if you are unsure about what all services provided by any accounting book-keeping services Malaysia then reading the blog below will certainly make things clear to you.


Regardless of the type of business, the accounting book-keeping services Malaysia provides optimum level of accounting services that are offered by the qualified professionals who assist their clients in getting them understood all about financial matters very clearly. The services related to auditing and other business services are also offered to companies.


Keeping and maintaining the records of your firms is one of the most efficient ways to enable smooth functioning of the business as it helps you in figuring out the figures at the time of essential business decisions. To work it diligently the book keeping services provided by professionals is essential which provides services for accounts payable and receivable, billing, payroll, tax and bank reports and other general ledger entries.

Besides the above two there are other services as well, which are provided by accounting book-keeping services Malaysia in order to let its clients not to worry about the accounting and can fully concentrate on business activities.

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Friday, 4 May 2018

Upbeat Facts of Hong Kong for Hong Kong Company Formation

It is undeniable that the Hong Kong is the best place in Asia especially if you are thinking to establish a Hong Kong company formation. It is a good place for marketing campaigns and ranked the world's freest economy, so thinking of doing business in Hong Kong is not at all an unfeasible option. If you want more reasons to actually strengthen your idea of Hong Kong company formation then reading this blog will clarify all your as here we have described few significant facts of Hong Kong for doing business.

It is an International Financial Hub

Hong Kong provides absolute business territory as it has perfect gateway to China and also world's largest offshore market which makes it the obvious place for companies to freely set up their Asia headquarters. Other major factors which makes it financially established are the benefits it provides to businesses of doing business and highly educated workforce which makes Hong Kong the world's freest economy and the most favourable destination to set up Hong Kong company formation.

It is a Foreign Exchange Hub

The Hong Kong is one of the largest foreign exchange markets of which the average daily foreign exchange transactions turnover comes out in billions and has successfully made the Hong Kong to achieve the fourth position in the world's foreign exchange market profits' list. The US dollar is the primary currency which is used in all the major transactions. So, this is another lucrative benefit for foreign investors think of forming the company in the Hong Kong.

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Wednesday, 2 May 2018

Some Other Appealing Benefits of Forming Labuan Offshore

A deserted island known as the pearl of the South China Sea, Labuan has come up with a variety of attractions for its tourists. Though you will not find much of the entertainment activities here on this island but rely you will not find yourself getting bored as the environment is relaxing and give positive vibes which will keep your interest intact in Labuan. As an entrepreneur, you would definitely see benefits related to business progress but Labuan has other attractive features which will prove to be good for the Labuan offshore to setup.

Safe Surroundings

Having a safe and secure environment is everybody's requirement and also to make the business grow substantially well in all business challenges. The Labuan is safe and crime rates are almost zero thus giving you a healthy and free environment to do the business activities, even in the night without worrying much about the safety issues. So having such a peaceful and favourable environment will definitely make you inclined towards the decision of going ahead for setting up Labuan offshore.

Tax Free Items

Imagine the items for which you pay taxes comes to you free then how would you feel? You would definitely love it, isn't it? Well! Labuan offers you so few of the frequently used items like drinks, tobacco, chocolate, fragrances at much cheaper prices. Due to the tax free policy on items makes Labuan a better place to think for a Labuan offshore for any business investor. 

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Monday, 30 April 2018

Types of License That Could Be Taken for Ajman Free Zone Formation

The Ajman free zone is one of the most desirable free zones undoubtedly to almost all foreign investors who wish to secure established positions for their businesses in the foreign business market. Forming an Ajman free zone formation sounds absolutely beneficial for the investor to seek their business dreams. There are enormous opportunities provided by the Ajman free zone for the foreign companies established in the free zone area and allow them to run their business ideas without worrying much about the tax and other crucial things. Here in this blog two major business license are described that an Ajman free zone formation could obtain in order to set their business in the Ajman free zone area.

Trading License
This license type is for those business professionals who wanted to carry out the trading business in the Ajman free zone are and wish to establish their trading business in the free zone area, for instance it could be the trading business in garments or any other such similar business. But with one single license only three activities can be done.

Professional License
This type of license is for those foreign companies who are intended to provide professional services in the Ajman free zone such as IT or management consulting services or other type of services to clients through their businesses.
These two are few of those major licenses which any Ajman free zone formation acquires before initiating their business proceedings in the Ajman free zone but there are other license also which you can take as per the type of your business activity you wish you start in the free zone.

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Wednesday, 4 April 2018

Why Should You Hire Accounting Book-Keeping Services Malaysia?

Accounting book-keeping Services Malaysia
Keeping complete and accurate information is the sole requirement of any business which is in the growing stage and which is targeting to target more customer base. Having a business established in Malaysia does require you to walk on in an orderly fashion so that you can achieve unbeatable success and be known as the authentic and reliable partner to your client’s business from other contemporaries. Holding a large market is easy if you adhere to filing your taxes on time, keeping the records related to the wages, salaries, bank transactions and other payables maintained properly to avoid any chaos later. Now all such work seems easy at a first glance but it is not so, it needs aid from other services and in order to maintain the authenticity of your work and thus require you to hire accounting book-keeping Services Malaysia whose experts are efficient in assisting you in simplifying the process of the upkeep of your accounts.

Saves Money

A professional accounting book-keeping services Malaysia will save you from getting caught into wrong reporting of the accounts or filing penalties or making fines which will certainly make you spend an unnecessary extra amount of money. Hiring bookkeeping services will make the activities of accounting and bookkeeping to be done more quickly and thus will improve productivity and management time.

Saves Time

Another benefit of hiring the accounting book-keeping services Malaysia is to save time as the expert services will have the right skill-set and resources to handle all the documentation feasibly that will not ask you to invest your precious time as everything will be managed by the accounting services diligently.

Embark a Success Path through Ajman Free Zone Formation

Ajman Free Zone FormationIf ever you had desired of opting a remarkable economic growing market for your business expansion in overseas, then Ajman free zone formation is the best choice which you could narrow it down as the Ajman free zone is a land where ideas meet success and that too in a stable, secure and more convenient friendly environment. This free zone is just not restricted its opportunities only to a few defined areas of business, but has stretched itself in being a hot destination for many business owners by providing innumerable opportunities and business areas for initiating business plans.

The driving force behind the Ajman free zone is the Ajman free zone authority that is the administrative support which actually has given such unique and favourable rules for businesses to incorporate, be managed and attain high returns on investments. The Ajman free zone formation will give freedom of going tax free business setup as there are relaxed tax policies. The Ajman free zone is located between Dubai and Shrajah which makes it the most favourable place to carry out trade and investment without any hassle.

Another major plus point provided by this free zone is the warehousing facilities which is difficult to get otherwise and the accessibility to these warehousing facilities is simple and easy and place no hurdles to gain benefits from it. So if an expansion of your business is something on your to-do list, then think wisely and think to adopt the advantages provided by the Ajman free zone as this free zone is not only feasible in leveraging expansion plans but also it helps in attracting several business activities and trade because of its remarkable location.

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Choose Labuan as The Location for Business Setup

Labuan offshore

Undoubtedly, the Labuan is an important region in Malaysia which is an attractive destination for targeting the opening of the offshore companies that will bring more lucrative benefits to your business as the Labuan offshore will give nice and progressive business environment to execute business expansion and ideas. There is no denial of the fact that the Labuan offshore is surely has been a major business center which has succeeded in attracting several diverse business investors from across the world to try their business ideas in different fields of businesses. Here in this blog, we have highlighted a few considerations that you should take while forming a Labuan offshore.

Taxation Policies

The taxation policies for the Labuan offshore can be performed in a different way as prescribed in the legislation in Malaysia. The companies which are registered follow the rules of the Labuan Business Activity tax Act which gives two options in regard to taxation one is that a 3% tax on the income which company earns and another option is that a business can choose a fixed tax scheme. So, the business has to choose the option, depending upon its requirement.


Now talking about the incorporation, the business investors should know that incorporating a company in Labuan gives an investor the flexibility of having a 100% foreign ownership unlike other overseas locations. The company can be formed through only by a one shareholder and the registration process is simple.

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Monday, 12 March 2018

Let's Figure Out why Accounting and Book Keeping are Necessary for Companies?

accounting book-keeping services Malaysia

Whether you are in Malaysia or somewhere else, your company does requires the accounting and book keeping services to get the smooth functioning of an organisation. If we talk about a company which you own in Malaysia then certainly the accounting book-keeping services Malaysia would help you as clear and sorted records of your business will surely aid you in the establishment of your company as a successful venture. Also the accurate records foster in successful analyzing the financial transactions of a company done yearly and can let you figure out the loopholes for which you should stay careful next time. Well! Having said this, time now to actually read below that why it is important to have accounting book-keeping services Malaysia.

 Quantitative Information

The businesses have to play a lot with financial information almost on a daily basis and keeping that information intact and secured is one of the primary concerns of any organisation. Hiring a reliable accounting book-keeping services Malaysia will not only keep the information to be available to the stakeholders, but will also let the company and stakeholders to take quick and beneficial decisions.

Overall Success

Another useful reason to hire the accounting book-keeping services Malaysia is to keep the records clean and secure for the business success which will eventually help in evaluating the performance of the business, monitoring and managing the cash flow, creating budgets for the future business purposes and tax planning etc.

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Friday, 9 March 2018

A Brief Overview on Ajman Free Zone Formation

Ajman free zone formation Undeniably, the initiation of Ajman free zone formation from a long time has made a significant contribution in boosting up the activities in regard to industrial expansion and other business related activities. This enhancement and growth have further fostered and inspired many major investors to look for the Ajman fee zone as the lucrative destination which has promising rules to widen the horizons and has enabled many companies to setup their business operation here at the Ajman free zone. The establishment of the Ajman fee zone formation has given the entrepreneurs unbeatable advantages and new success graphs that are widely recognizable and are found completely favourable for the investors.

The Ajman is one of the seven emirates of the UAE having smallest area, but that doesn’t make it even a bit lesser than other emirates and embodying strategical location which helps it to serve tremendously to both eastern and western markets. Another major benefit of the Ajman Free Zone formation is its proximity to Sharjah and Dubai, which helps it in offering easy access to the two international airports and four ports.

Talking about its unique and highly remarkable feature which distinguish the Ajman free zone formation is imparting the amazing and beneficial facilities and services which other free zones too provides to the future investors and foreign business owners, but not at the affordable price which the Ajman free zone offers and thus make it the best and unique free zone among foreign investors and the most preferable.

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Thursday, 8 March 2018

Telltale Benefits of Labuan Companies

Labuan companies

Truly the Labuan is a destination which can attract any investor who is looking for success and authenticity. The jurisdiction gives flexibility and wide availability of opportunities to the foreign business owners that it is very difficult to find a single reason for not commencing the Labuan companies for business expansion. The Labuan companies are the surest way to achieve quick and orderly success without undergoing any hectic or tedious process. For your better clarification and understanding, we have figured out few unique benefits of establishing companies in Labuan.

Attain Confidentiality

The Labuan companies are the best way to achieve confidentiality and privacy which might be difficult to have in your domestic country for your business information. The information like shareholders, directors and beneficiaries of the firm will not be made available to the public and would not also be published. Until you seem to be a liable entity, you can enjoy the full benefits.

Lower Set Up Cost

Now this is quite a bothering issue if you are running short of capital but want to establish a venture in a foreign destination. But nothing to worry about as the Labuan jurisdiction provide relaxed rules in setting up of Labuan companies and give cost-effective ways to go ahead with the expansion. The services like accounting services, employee and other documentation help are provided easily by the jurisdiction. So all and all the setting up an offshore company in Labuan is easy and simple and doesn’t need much investment.

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A Quick Look on The Benefits of BVI Company

BVI company

It gives any investor an enormous amount of pleasure and satisfaction to even think of expanding the business overseas and laid down the foundation of a new business venture. But figuring out the location of incorporating a company could be a daunting task as it takes a lot of research and efforts to actually come up to a decision of selecting the best place for incorporation. Thinking of a BVI company for overseas business is not at all a bad idea as the business owner has the full liberty of maintaining the privacy and confidentiality and that too by undergoing a simple and cost-efficient business formation. Having such outstanding features of a BVI company lets’ just see what are some of the major benefits that a BVI company can offer.

Range of Avenues

You have the full choice of commencing a business by choosing from a variety of businesses as the BVI jurisdiction has given full permission to foreign investors to invest the money in businesses of their choice and establish a strong and successful BVI company. The range of business avenues is property holding, investment, management, trading etc. There is not even a requirement for you to arrange a minimum capital or to go through any licensing processes.

Inexpensive Setup

Unlike, other jurisdictions, the BVI company doesn’t bound you to invest a huge amount of money in establishing a company and then initiate a business. It lets you to setup even from a low capital and gives you absolute platform for protecting the assets. Also, the government of a BVI gives greater political stability.

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Sunday, 4 February 2018

What All Facilities You Can Avail For Ajman Free Zone Formation?

Having a company established in the Ajman free zone is surely a way to attain success rate as the Ajman free zone formation brings lucrative benefits to the business investor and also prospers the business growth in a positive direction. There is no doubt in accepting the fact that the Ajman free zone is one of the fastest growing free zones that has abundant opportunities and privileges for the investors and entrepreneurs so that they can get mind-blowing results on their investments. If you are really thinking for an Ajman free zone formation, then you are heading in a good direction as the environment provided by an Ajman free zone is absolutely good for business development. In addition to the above description about Ajman free zone, let's take a quick look at what all facilities are likely to be provided by the Ajman free zone.

Ready-Made Office

With the hustle and bustle of going global with the Ajman free zone formation, you might not be able to look for a nice and comfortable setup for your office, especially if you have a design for startups. Not to worry as Ajman free zone provides the smart ready-made office setup with two residency visas and other smart benefits to execute business.

Useful Executive Office

If you are planning for a big company bigger than a startup, then you should have more than two residency visas because having more than two residency visas will enable you to acquire an executive office, which will further help you in fetching other favourable benefits and facilities of the Ajman free zone.

Tuesday, 23 January 2018

An Overview of Malaysia Immigration Visa

Whenever the word visa is heard you usually feel exhausted and feel that the process will surely take too long for it to get processed. It's quite obvious to think in this way as not one or two countries put tedious eligibility formalities to attain visas, but almost all countries do have some or the other conditions in order to fulfill the eligibility. Talking further in this discussion the Malaysia also has some tough and exhausting process depending upon the kind of visa you actually want or desire to attain and also for how long you want to stay in the country. Though there are many visa consulting ompanies that can help you in figuring out the exact requirements for visas and also what type of visa you should opt for your stays in Malaysia. However, here in this blog, we are focussing on Malaysia Immigration visa requirements.

Now, every country has its own rules and regulations for an immigration visa, but here we will be furnishing details more about Malaysia Immigration visa. So, if you want to visit the country as a tourist or coming for some type of business proceedings or purposes, then there is no need to require a visa at least up to a period of three months. But this is not applicable for every country's citizen, it's only for the citizens of the countries of the European Union, the USA and other Commonwealth members. For other countries the visa is required.

Another major addition here is that regardless of what type of visa you are applying for, your passport must show a validity of six months remaining. You can apply for either a Malaysia immigration visa or any other type of visa at a Malaysian embassy or consulate in your native country by paying a required amount of fees that vary from one country to another.

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A Brief Overview about Why Should Go for Labuan Offshore Company?

Anyone who is looking for giving wings to his or her business would surely revolve their minds in thinking of establishing an offshore company that not only gives them good returns on their investments but also makes them feel at ease at the time of incorporating an offshore company. Right? Isn't it? Well! If so, then you should think of the Labuan offshore company as Labuan is the fastest growing offshore centers in Asia and also one of the best suitable destinations to register a business. Here in this blog, we will discuss few very important aspects of why should one choose Labuan for setting a Labuan offshore company.

Taxation System

The taxation system of Labuan offers fine opportunities for the Labuan offshore company as compared to other countries' jurisdictions. The companies are given the choice to choose from different tax payment schemes and go through an audit if the choice of payment scheme demands the audit to be done, whereas if the companies decides to pay the flat tax then the companies are exempt from the audit.


If you are concerned about keeping your information safe and secure and doesn't want it to be spoiled or accessed by any type of unauthorized access then the Labuan offshore company is a good idea as Labuan is excellent for giving the absolute level of privacy to the company's information and ownership details are not available publicly unless the company itself decides it to be so.

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Friday, 5 January 2018

Reasons Why to Form Dubai Offshore Company

It would be waste of time to reconsider about the Dubai as the prime location to establish or to think about the Dubai offshore company as definitely Dubai is one of the most fascinating and lucrative offshore destinations that is fetching many investors to start their business ventures and giving them abundant benefits and opportunities to leverage their existing business plans in a positive direction. Well! Having said this, it now becomes essential to actually know about few more reasons for setting up of a Dubai offshore company so that if you are thinking of going global then why not to opt Dubai as the offshore location.

No Language Obstacles

The language is something which is one of the most important tools to gain impetus for any business proceedings and that is provided by Dubai, where everyone speaks English and there is no restriction in adopting the same language for your business activities. All the corporate documentation, banking and other formalities can be processed in English without any hurdles. So, there is no requirement to go for any type of translation for written or verbal communication.

Fast Incorporation

The Dubai offshore company formation and incorporation is fast and requires not many formalities and the costs are also not so high and the administration and renewals are done without any difficulties as all these are not required to be done by you because this can be done by the company’s agent or the consulting company.

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Categories of Business License Malaysia

The feeling of establishing a business in Malaysia is overwhelming as the country is widely open to all international investors and provides plethora of business opportunities which are truly desirable by any ambitious business venture that is seeking growth, profits and a global presence. Having desired about the business idea, next comes knowing about all the legal formalities of operating a business in Malaysia and one such formality is to clearly know about the business license Malaysia which are required by the legislation and local authorities in order to fully satisfy the authentication of businesses. The business license Malaysia fall into three major categories and any new investor should know about it before commencing a business.

General License

As the name itself explaining, the general licenses is attained by the investor and be applicable once the business investor has decided about the type of business and has decided to start its venture in Malaysia. The general licenses that are required for any type of business includes: company registration, company and employees income tax registration, employees provident fund, human resource development fund, etc.

Industry Specific License

The industry-specific licenses relate to a particular industry or sector specified by the government. This license allows the businesses to follow certain policies that are required by the industries for the development of the business in order to stay in accordance with the development policy of the country.

Activity Licenses

These licenses are applicable to a particular activity of the industries or sectors. This license includes a set of specific guidelines for the protection of the citizen, employment, safety and the general public.

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Thursday, 4 January 2018

How Can a Labuan Offshore Make You Stand Out?

Though you must be aware of all the benefits that Labuan offers to its foreign investors when they need to execute their idea of forming a Labuan offshore. Of course, the Labuan is an interesting location that has wide geographies to govern its affairs and besides that being a part of Malaysia, it has the permission to avail other advantages as well. Well! Those advantages are of course related to tax for foreign investors and immigrants. Apart from several advantages that Labuan offers, why still a Labuan offshore seems a great idea and how it helps you to stand out. Read the blog below and get to know those unique features of establishing a Labuan offshore.


Labuan is a great opportunity destination when it comes to banking solutions because it is totally different from places in the Caribbean where many banks can cause problems in issuing but Labuan is a center of many good and familiar banks such as DBS, Bank of America, JP Morgan and BNP Paribas. It's a monetary center and secures whereas in other places the representatives take a huge amount of money from the corporate in compensation to get them introduced to the banks.

Good for Startups

The raising up of cash is quite easier in Labuan as compared to Singapore especially for startups because of the availability of the capital. The banks are loaded with money in Labuan and gives tremendous opportunities to set up a Labuan offshore.

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