Wednesday, 4 April 2018

Choose Labuan as The Location for Business Setup

Labuan offshore

Undoubtedly, the Labuan is an important region in Malaysia which is an attractive destination for targeting the opening of the offshore companies that will bring more lucrative benefits to your business as the Labuan offshore will give nice and progressive business environment to execute business expansion and ideas. There is no denial of the fact that the Labuan offshore is surely has been a major business center which has succeeded in attracting several diverse business investors from across the world to try their business ideas in different fields of businesses. Here in this blog, we have highlighted a few considerations that you should take while forming a Labuan offshore.

Taxation Policies

The taxation policies for the Labuan offshore can be performed in a different way as prescribed in the legislation in Malaysia. The companies which are registered follow the rules of the Labuan Business Activity tax Act which gives two options in regard to taxation one is that a 3% tax on the income which company earns and another option is that a business can choose a fixed tax scheme. So, the business has to choose the option, depending upon its requirement.


Now talking about the incorporation, the business investors should know that incorporating a company in Labuan gives an investor the flexibility of having a 100% foreign ownership unlike other overseas locations. The company can be formed through only by a one shareholder and the registration process is simple.

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